Crikey, think my mum'll be better at this than me

Ah good lad for sticking at it. Proper grit and determination
Yeah cheers, now excuse me while i waste more of my life playong with my 'ants' (as the missus calls 'em!!)
Un-frigging-believable - have managed to get Wrexham into the Prem after 13 seasons!!! Came 2nd in Championship and can't believe I've been promoted!!! :D BUT!!! Board refuse to expand stadium (currently 17500), only got 26K to spare on wages, although have £10m transfer funds. Board accepted a £1.8m offer for my best MC, so really gonna struggle. But still!!! The £29.5m I'll make off Sky etc may do me well for next season if we go down!
outstanding work and I'm sure you feel like you've really overcome a huge obstacle and are very proud of yourself.

I'm gonna take a leaf out of your book and stick at it. I'm just about to start a new game with my local team, Grimsby Town and to say I've been frustrated is an understatement.

So, without further I go....
What a surprise!!! Finished bottom of prem (only 5 wins) and am now back in Championship. Board expect auto promotion (which is asking a bit much!) but am languishing in mid-table and its Dec already. Job goes from Stable to Insecure depending if I win, but have no harmony in my players. This has happened before and called a meeting which seemed to sort it out, but not happening this time. But their morale seems to range from Ok to Superb pre-match, so can't figure it out. Any ideas??? I realise this is Lower League section and I'm now in champ, but did start off non-league!
what a difference a few seasons make! Got promoted back into Prem 2nd time of asking, am now in 4th straight season in the prem. Last season finished 5th, and won the FA Cup. Not bad for a team starting out in the BSP! Am now halfway thru 2029-30 season, currently 9th in Prem, in semis of league cup, 4th round of FA and 1st quali for Euro Cup (first time in Europe!!! Exciting or what). Lost my best player to ****-nal tho, he was valued at £11m, board intervened when they offered £31m! Its really hard finding a good replacement without spending £25m. Tis a far cry of my first season, not being able to afford players of £5k
Really well done mate, bet you're glad you didn't flog the game on ebay now ;)

I've been playing FM/CM since Champ Man 3 and I still have times when it seems like the game is totally against you and you can't get a win for love nor money, but just keep on grinding away, it probably wasn't until CM 03/04 that I had a game that got past a season or 2 so nice one for keeping at it, plenty of people would have given up.
think i'm in my 22nd season as wrexham manager now. Fergie's got nowt on me!!!
Glad to see you stuck with it. I just stumbled across this as I'm starting my first season with Wrexham. Looks like I've got an interesting time ahead of me to get them to Prem!