Jan 29, 2009
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i want to start a career with barcelona and i want to use tello in my team.
but in the spanish league, you have to register 25 players, which is fine, but then i cant give tello the number 37 shirt. if i dont register him, i can give him 37 but he cant play in the league?? and ideas?

I know its just a number, but i like everything to be right
Change it in the editor :) Some might say it's cheating, but I don't see any other way :)
I am not 100% sure about this, but since he is a youth player at Barca and is a U21 player he can play in the league without being registered, then also being able to have 37 on his back?
Because he is under 21, so doesn't need to be registered. For the first season, you can just do the same.

This is what i thought.. But in the game when you register the players.. On the rules, it says players under 18 dont have to be registered and nothing to do with under 21. And then i cant play him in the matches, says hes not registered :s
That shouldn't happen. Even if you don't register under-21s, they can still play. As an example, in every first season I've never registered Raphaël Varane, and he's still been allowed to play. I don't know why your game's doing that.