Apr 8, 2013
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Crosses in this game is way to good. Its really unrealistic and when a winger crosses the ball, the striker can a touch and then shoot. Who does that? I have never seen a player taking a first touch from a low cross with a defender in his back and then shoot. Never.. Its almost impossible to take a touch from a hard low cross when you have a defender right beside you. I cant be the only one who thinks crosses is to easy on FM?
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I get a lot if crosses that go in, also get a lot if crosses that go to the striker, he controls it which takes it round the keeper to score in a empty net
For me, this looks like an issue with the collision detector combined with an issue with the defender not getting among his decision in time to block the cross/get to the ball first.

Normally when a player has the ball or the ball is played into space, players can't run through each other but when it comes to a header ( or a ball intended to be headed), then it seems some what out if function. You also see this problem with goalkeepers coming out for the ball an loose the arial duel with the attacker.

Naturally, the more time on the ball the crosser gets, the better the accuracy of the cross.
I've found the main issue with crosses on FM13 is that the cross comes in and defenders don't do anything about it.
Several times I've witnessed a cross go through my center backs, when they can easily get something on it to clear it for a corner like real defenders do. More than often one striker seems to beat both my center backs to a cross.

The main way I have countered this is by ensuring full backs man mark and don't push forward, i.e. preventing the cross coming in, in the first place.
However it is frustrating when I want to play attacking football with wing backs.
I have a couple of decent wingbacks but they're not amazing, and I see a lot of crosses coming in. They're both set to attack though so I can't really complain.

I run a 2-4-1-1-2 or 2-3-2-1-2 (both with WBs) and I deal with the crosses by having my DCs set to defensive mentality and a deep line not playing offside, the DMs will stop runs through the centre. The DCs have good aerial stats and I rely on them to clear any crosses. They normally have plenty of time to set up for the cross since they're playing deep so they don't get caught out of position.