Oct 30, 2010
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I was playing FM today when i realized the crowd was missing in a match between Derby and QPR at first i thought it was a gitch with pride park but there was no crowd at the next game aswell what could it be?
Have you checked your display preferences? Check "Show crowd" is ticked.
no, i hate to break it to you, but pride park is really that bad.
I'm puzzled abit i'm Darlington ( not sure why ) but anyway i won the BSP and the F.A Trophy 1st season and i'm currently 1st after 8 games in Div 2 but how the **** can i get my crowd up past 3,356 which is like only 13% of what my ground holds...just wondered if they was a way to ask about doing " fun days " with the board !!!
I don't come from there infact i'm along the South Coast just picked them and thought no money,**** league worth a go,plus i'd prefer to buy freebies and struggle :)
Just check the attraction of the city , the inhabitants , the amount of teams in that city ( or region if sparsely populated ) and the reputation of the league in the editor

For example , In my Southampton game Porstmouth was being successfull ( same region ) plus southampton is a 150K-250K town with a bad attraction ( 8 ) the reputation of the npower 1 and championship leagues weren't very good and I had to wait to get to the Premier to get 80 % attendance and sellouts

In my Oviedo game I had about 20 % attendance on 2b and about 80 % on Liga Adelante , that's because Oviedo is a 500 K - 1 Million town with an attraction of 20 ( maximum ) and there are no other proffesional clubs in the city and region
2017 and im only in the Premiership 5 promotions in 6 years got going to lie but how easy is Championship Manager ha ha
Probably because of a low attendance. I had a a cup final in the FA trophy at Wembley, and there were just 1,100 odd people, and it didnt show anyone in the stadium