Crvena Zvezda - The Rise of the Serbian Giants


Jan 9, 2012

The Beginning
In February 1945, during World War II, a group of young men, members of the Serbian United Antifascist Youth League, decided to form a Youth Physical Culture Society, that was to become Red Star Belgrade on 4 March. At the end of the Second World War, several pre-war Yugoslav clubs were dissolved because they had played matches during the war and were labelled collaborators by Marshal Tito's communist authorities. Two of these clubs from Belgrade were SK Jugoslavija and BSK Belgrade. Red Star was formed from the remains of Jugoslavija and they were given Jugoslavija's stadium, offices, players, and even their red and white colours. The name Red Star was assigned to the club after a long discussion, and the first vice presidents of the Sport Society, Zoran Žujović and Slobodan Ćosić, were the ones who assigned it. Red star was soon adopted as a symbol of Yugoslavia and Serbia, a sporting institution that remains the country's most popular to this day. On that day, Red Star played the first football match in the club's history against the First Battalion of the Second Brigade of KNOJ (People's Defence Corps ofYugoslavia) and won 3–0. Since then, the widely supported club has enjoyed great success domestically and Internationally.


Yugoslav First League (x19)
Yugoslav Cup (x12)
Serbia and Montenegro First League (x5)
Serbia and Montenegro Cup (x9)
Serbian Superliga (x1)
Serbian Cup (x3)

Uefa Champions League (x1)
Club Cup World Cup (x1)


Red Star/Crvena Zvezda with CL trophy, 1991

Recent Seasons

While the club has achieved so much in its 67 years, recent times have been tough. While remaining a force in Serbia, they have not won the league in 5 seasons, and are no longer the force in Europe that they once were, back in the 1990s. Can Kieran Laing, a regular guy from Scotland, be the person to put smiles back on the fans' faces again?


Pre Season update soon!



Jan 20, 2011
I will follow this. I love and cheer for Red Star's greatest rival, Partizan, but i'm curious... Good luck, mate.


Jan 9, 2012
Pre Season



Under 19s

As you can see I have a very young team at my disposal, with many of them having great potential to tear this league apart. This is definitely going to be a "Bringing through the youth" sort of challenge, and I was lucky enough to be able to granted my requet to improve youth facilities. Hopefully in 10-15 years Red Star(And the Serbia team) will be among the best teams in the world.

Key Players
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All young yet very important players for this team. Should stay this way for a while unless crazy good regens come through(I hope this happens anyway!)

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Disappointing results but I let my assistant take these.

Europa League

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Took care of things in the 2nd leg of both rounds.

Now the real action starts!