Jul 13, 2012
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When are draws in the cups made? As on my Bilbao save, I am in December and the Europa league 1st knockout round draws and the 2nd knockout draws have been made. I got Lyon, then either Tottenham or Panaithiakos if I progress.

I then played on a few weeks, but my laptop ran out of battery, and my FM automatically autosaves every month. So I had to redo the draws, and got exactly the same outcome. Out of interest, I reloaded the save just before the draws and did them again and they were again the same.

So how does FM decide on the draws, and when? Obviously it doesn't actually make any difference to the game, but I am interested :)
i've thought about this before, however i thin it may depends on how many days back you reload, normally i have checked it where i have reloaded back to the same day as the draw therefore it hasnt changed, never too sure though? :S
yeah i think it gets done the day of the draw so watching the draw dosn't decide on who your playing.
Nope, draws aren't fixed whatsoever. I tested this theory out on Bayern save with CL draw, got different results. Same goes with the German Cup draw.
Only just started playing FM13 really (Had it since release but couldn't get into it before), but it definitely looks as though they are fixed again, as they have been for years. I've tested it on several versions of FM (and CM before it). The point at which they become locked in changes year-to year though. IIRC it was traditionally on the day, but on either FM11 or FM12 (not certain off the top of my head) it became a week.

This year it looks like being 24 hours at a glance, but only just testing it now really. Current testing involves having saved the evening before the draw and proceeding to it. Done the draw 6 times so far with the same result every time.