Nov 27, 2009
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Hi, i noticed something rather odd after playing FM13 for a while. It doesnt matter what team i am managing i never seem to get drawn at home in any cup games. With Newcastle i only ever got drawn at home in the Euro competitions (obviously, group stage and 2 legs) but as for any other cup with Newcastle and Gateshead saves not one home draw in 5 seasons.

Not only have i had this problem but it appears the teams im drawn against are never ever easy ties, for example:
Gateshead first season - FA cup 1st round - Swindon L1 (a) - round 2 - Coventry L1 (a) - round 3 - Sunderland BPL (a) - round 4 - Chelsea BPL (a) Yes, i beat the mackems away but they had 2 sent off and they were bottom of the prem so morale was abysmal on most.
Gateshead second season FA cup 1st round - Barnsley L1 (a) went out straight away
third season FA cup 1st round - Barnsley L1 (a) wtf? :S Went out.

Newcastle had similar fixtures like chelsea (a) Man U (a) Man C (a) in 1 cup and Man C (a), Liverpool (a) and Spurs (a) in the other cup.

Surely it cant be just bad luck. Is there some known bug or?