Sep 13, 2012
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Is it just me or does everybody else always get the top 4 in like the third or fourth round in both English cups? Meaning that 99% of the time I have no chance of winning the cup, no matter what team I am, I always get one of the big 4, if I luckily beat one of them then ill get another one in the next round -.-
The draw is compleatly random mate. I've often gone as far as the 5th round as a championship club without getting a top half premier team.
i won the fa cup with nottingham forest in first season championship beating wigan in the final...... the only prem team i came across..... very lucky...
I beat man city, Chelsea and man utd on the way to the FA cup final then lost to ****** Newcastle!!!
When ever im a top flight team like Man utd Tottenham etc. i tend to draw the other big teams. And on the other hand when im a Championship/ League 1 team i draw the smaller teams for some reason.
In my current save as Bayern Munich, i draw Werder Bremen, and in the next round i drew Dortmund...
I always draw big teams, got to the final once and lost in extra time
I've noticed this. For example, last season on my Newcastle save i got Liverpool in the third round. United in the next and then Chelsea after that! Lost to Chelsea though. Annoying thing was, because I'd knocked out Liverpool and United it opened the cup up for West Ham to win!