Cup Success... A Hinderance!


Nov 20, 2008
In my current game I did really well in my last season winning the league and a cup. Now it seems im a victim of my own success... the board wish me to finish in the top half of a higher league and to get to the later stages of four cups.

Although I have a team capable of it, the fixture list is so full im troubling to cope... usually I am forced to turn out half of my team with condition in the early 80's and my league performance is spiralling downwards.

Has anyone else had this problem? I know the solution... to give up on a couple of cups, but im greedy and want to try for the lot.

How would you handle it? Hope the fixtures sort themselves out on their own or manipulate them by throwing a cup game?


Feb 2, 2010
Rest players fom training 1 day off helps a lot. At worst you have 2 days off between fixtures
Rotate your squad. You can normally trot out your CB's every game but your fullbacks, midfield usually takea hammering. Play worst conditioned guys 1/2 only if you can't rotate.
The **** local cups aren't worth winning you get no money and no prestige. Your players just get tred or worse injured. JPT, League Cup, FA Cup, FA Trophy they're the only ones worth winning. Everything else is u18's reserve team fodder.
Use your touchline souts late into games holding a lead-"retain possesion" pass to feet" "take a breather" "clear ball to flanks" "shoot on sight" anything to slow the game down and kill the clock