Current ability vs stats

Feb 5, 2017
This is my first post but I've played champ man/fm since 1993 so I know my way around a question is this:

Lars Bender
Sven Bender
Christoph Kramer

in fm 17 they have stats pretty much as good as a defensive midfielder could be...but current ability of around come? What do I trust more? Ability or stats? I'm inclined to lean towards the stats being more important...but they don't seem to play amazingly. Due to the position?

take koke for example. Poorer stats for a dmc but better ability and plays better?



Dec 16, 2010
It really depends, as imo their is no clear answer whether Current Ability or Player Attributes (I assume this is what you mean as 'stats') are better. Though the three German's you mentioned may have better attributes for the DMC role, Koke is a better performer due to hidden attributes, which are very crucial. Hidden attributes; which can be seen in the editor/fmgenie, consist of things such as Professionalism, Temperament, Sportsmanship and a few others that play a part in the player's Personality, as well as other hidden atts such as Pressure & Adaptability. Two other key hidden atts are Consistency and Injury Proneness, so perhaps Sven or Lars have the better attributes for defending, but may have much lower professionalism, pressure and consistency than Koke. One of the best examples of this imo is John Guidetti, who looks like a Dybala-esque monster False Nine, but has low hidden atts and some of his mental ones, and never ends up impressing as much as you would have expected.

Stats are a good indicator, but also look for someone with a Professional, Model Professional, Perfectionist or other good Player Personalities, as these player's will have very high hidden atts and also by scouting that player, you can get a picture whether he is injury prone or able to adapt to living/playing in a different country.

I hope that helps and answers your questions. Also if you want to nerd out and learn more about player personalities, I recommend reading this:

(Been a while since I posted on here, so I can't remember if we are able to hotlink to other websites, if not I am sorry and the mods can remove the link).