Dec 19, 2010
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Sorry that this is my first post, wouldn't want to go upsetting anyone on my first post here but i may aswell ask this question anyway.

I'm not really much of an editor, and under any usual circumstances i would have posted this under the Custom Editing Requests thread but it had already been closed :-(

Anyways, could i at least have advice on the following:

Would it be possible to do the following:
- Move Swansea, Cardiff, Wrexham and Newport County from the English League System automatically move them to the Welsh Premier League and move 4 teams with the worse finances into the league below. Fill the gaps in the English League System left by those 4 clubs with the clubs with the best finances from lower leagues respectively. Move Berwick Rangers from the Scottish League System to the English League System and similarly do the same as you did with the Welsh teams (obviously put them in a suitable division for their status). Might mean upping the reputation of the Welsh Premier League so teams such as Cardiff and Swansea can still attract a similar calibre of player as to what they do now.
Create the “British Champions Cup”
- Top 7 teams from English Premier League
- Top 4 teams from Scottish Premier League
- Top 3 teams from Welsh Premier League
- Top 2 teams from Northern Irish Premier League
- Total of 16 teams
To be played in a round-robin format. Games to be played single-legged at a neutral venue. Final to be held at Wembley (or if at all possible a rotation between on 4 nations’ national stadiums). Preferably games played post-season and do not interfere with any existing continental competition (Champions League/Europa League). May prevent clubs from playing friendlies but will still give them match practice.
Prize Money as follows:
2nd Round - £1,250,000 (Both entrants)
Quarter-Finals - £2,500,000 (Both entrants)
Semi-Finals - £5,000,000 (Both entrants)
Finals - £10,000,000 (Runners-Up), £20,000,000 (Winners)
Obviously very lucrative to the winners but as it’s a round-robin and anything can happen, may help increase competition in all the leagues!

Create the “Historic Cup”
Fixed teams as follows, all English unless noted:
- Sheffield Wednesday
- 1860 Munich (Germany)
- Sheffield
- Cambridge University
- Cray Wanderers
- Hallam
- Worksop Town
- Notts County
- Bradford Park Avenue
- Stoke City
- Brigg Town
- Nottingham Forest
- Chesterfield
- Queen’s Park (Scotland)
- Kilmarnock (Scotland)
- AFC Darwen
Teams historically are the oldest in the world, and this is my attempt to revive them (well, the lesser ones at least). Format is to be the same as the proposed British Champions Cup, as is the prize money, however, just in case any of the teams win the top flight of their respective countries (unlikely), just alter the dates slightly as I would like for both proposed competitions to run in conjunction.

Many thanks for reading!