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Custom League Question

Apr 3, 2015
Hello there I am looking at the feasibility of creating a custom league in this game to operate in the way I need it. I am new to FM but not editing in general. I have played with the editor a bit but I am wondering on a few things before I completely waste my time doing this.

My goal is to create a six-team league that I can expand in the future and create a relegation league down the road, not immediately. This league's purpose is for an online forum league where users create their own fictional player and complete tasks on the forum to improve their player in a nutshell.

I also need to know if there is a way for me to prevent players attributes from naturally progressing in the game, as I will be editing them based on the tasks they complete which I'm assuming can be done with the in-game editor?

There's probably more I will want to know, but this is the basis that I want sorted out first.