Custom league


Feb 8, 2011
Hi guys, i need some expert help.

1) I want to create a league system with all the best teams in the world. Maybe have like 3 divisions, in the top division there would be the 16/18/20 best teams in the world, second division would be the next 16-20 best teams and in the third the same, next 16-20 best teams in the world. If someone gets my idea and knows how to do this i would be veeery happy if someone can help me do this as I ain't no editor expert.

2) This is another idea of mine but here I want to replace the usual ECC with a division instead of the group+knockout stages. In the first half of the season, from september to december it would be just a regular league/group system as always but in the second half it would be that the top 4 teams from each group would qualify to a last big division/group and the top team in the end would win my new ECC.

Any help on these ideas would be appreciated. :D