May 23, 2010
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I'm a fan of unusual formations, and always try to find one that works. This particluar beaut has worked a charm for me.

After having joy testing this tactic with a couple of club teams, I decided to try and do the impossible, win the World Cup with England. As you can see I didn't have *the* hardest route, but I won it with only one loss, 1-0 to France, which was avenged in the final. Although this is a counter-based formation, you can get a lot of joy scoring goals.

I was so comfortable with the formation that I was able to be romantic (in the football sense) and take David Beckham, play him as the sole CM in the world cup final (in game he and Rio - who also played - both retired after the game), and have him play the whole 90. That Menezes red card did help though - lol.

I mainly set it up as a counter attacking formation because I wanted a team that could outdo the better teams. You'll find you have most the possession against smaller teams without tweaking a thing. Lots of placed goals and lots of joy from crossing.

I played Walker and Gerrard at WBR, neither natural in the position but they still did the job. Glen johnson was injured and didn't make the team. England needs a decent WBR.

As you can see from the screenshots, despite this being a flank based formation I still had a lot of assists in the middle.

If you're reading this, you probably know the score with player selections by now. Because both CB's are BPD, I set my Keeper to SK. That's just so he strays out a little when necessary. Your WB on the left will logically get the most joy as the IF ahead of him cuts inside. Your DLP is your engine, and your CM is the linkup. When you counter, everyone pushes up, so its actually more like 2-3-3-2.

If you come up against a side with no wide midfielders try and emphasise that flank advantage. Obviously choose fast players, etc.

You guys know all this :p
Thanks man. That was a really good review, gave me lots of ideas for tweaking it. I'm glad you agreed it fit the purpose I made it. It fits a team like Tottenham perfectly and is definitely built on the strength of the flanks.

I will take what you said about DMCL/CMR or vice versa into account. I have never tried that, so I'll have to experiment with what works.

One match using this tactic, against Ecuador I believe, I had Rooney sent off. I then took off Welbeck and put Lampard as AMC. This worked a charm and despite the one man disadvantage we actually scored again and had more efforts on goal than them. So when you mentioned making it 4-2-3-1, it crossed my mind that 2-3-1-3-1 may actually have a great deal of success. While it would lack the extra man in the box, the AMC would also be able to track back as well as getting into the box, so it would possibly add a degree more weight in midfield, helping out in the same way as the Wide players.

However, my intention was always to counter, so given what I created in Midfield, I am really happy with how the tactic worked out.

I was also definitely thinking the Xavi/Carrick kind of role with my DLP.

Thanks again for the review, very well written and constructive.
This tactic is simply amazing such a pain that not everyone tested !! i Had really good results with newcastle
Thanks Vitor! Glad to see people getting good results with this.
Congrats to the great review at The Advanced Playmaker! Will try it out shortly… Two questions though:
1. Do you think it will work with "underdog" teams (read: not the big clubs)
2. If a player get sent off, any good tip how to adapt? I read your thing with Lampard and Welbeck but i didn't get it… :p

Thanks in advance