Nov 23, 2008
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I have started a new game (well in second season now) with Sparta Prague as i am going to Prague for a break soon.

I dont normally stray very far from the english league so its quite new to me. Does anyone know any tips to improve the standing of the Czech league, or any league for that matter, and improve all of the teams in the Czech league.

At the start of my first season they were ranked as the 29th competition, now they are ranked down in 41st, and i managed to get to the semi-final of the EURO cup.

Can anyone offer advice of experience for this, or a simular league
I had a Prague save a while back in which I won the champs league in 9 years... Your profile within Europe usually only goes up when your in the champions league, not Europa... Also, try and get feeder clubs in the Czech top division, loan out your players to them who are not good enough for your team but will be for theirs as this will help improve your league. Another way to improve the league standing Is by you being successful! Hope this helped
I left at the end of the second season, but after I left as the new season started the Czech league went up in the rankings