Feb 3, 2011
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Hi i bought a download of the game through the website and it took my payment etc i contacted game as i did not receive an activation code and they told me to contact a company called metaboli as they deal with the downloads. I am unable to get a number to contact them and only and email address. After email 3 times i have still had nothing back. Any assistance in what to do would be greatly appreciated.
Demand a refund from Game and buy and download the game from steam.
tell them you want your money back for poor customer service. and never buy from game again

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If you're going to get a game digitally, ALWAYS buy it from steam
As above yeah. Apparently, people e-mailed at least 4 weeks ago, and got nothing back apart from automated response. download from steam, or like me get the disc and activate through steam. Surprised though, as i never had any such problems when downloading from game in the past
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Cheers, i phoned Game again and they said to wait 2 more days and then phone them back and they will look into it. I have looked at a few forums and it seems that a few people are not receiving replied from metaboli!!
I'd still demand a refund rather than wait 2 days and have a game you paid for, but cannot use. When did you get it?
It should be nothing to do with Metaboli, Game are using that as a smokescreen. There have been a few members on here who had the same problem but eventually got their code in an email sent from an email address.

Phone them now/as soon as the lines are open next and ask to speak to a supervisor, then ask for your code or a refund, dont hang up or agree to call back/be called back until you get what you want.
I bought it this afternoon and i phoned them and they told me that metaboli take 24/48 hours to reply. So emailed them 3 times and no reply so far. Ill phone them tomorrow if i do not have anything and demand a refund. Could i used someone elses activation key that has downloaded it from the same place/