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Feb 3, 2013
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Hello. I'm not new to FM. Well a bit. I have been playing FM 12 until FM13 came out. I have also the PSP version and Android. I am currently managing Arsenal in the PSP and Dag & Red in android. The arsenal save is good but I dont feel the thriving emotion of leading it far because its already in the top(I mean in the Premier and Champions/Euro) so I am using my save of Dag & Red and I am absolutely excited with it. I have won 2 JPT, I just won my first FA Cup vs Man U, and I currently have them in the Championship mid table but it just started. Also I am loving the players, made some buys and some old ones retired/free transfer. Well I am using a 4-2-2-2 formation, 2 WB, 2 CD, 2 MC(1 DLM,1 AP), 2 IF, and 2 ST(1 TM and 1 Poacher,AF sometimes), the tactic is Attacking, Short passing, Commited, Press more, Counter attack and thats it. I am trying to make it work in FM 13 PC but I havent made that or another tactic to work. I need some help please, I didnt want to made another thread because this one was "specially" for that. Thanks in advance.

This is my squad initially and the tactic I tried to "copy it" from my Handheld version one.

The first picture is the squad I use in the Handheld version. He doesnt appear there but Dwight Gayle is awesome in the handheld and I hope he grows here also. the other 2 are the squad report by default of my *** Manager. the 2 in the bottom are the entire squad and the 3rd is the tactic.

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