Sep 7, 2012
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I have just started my second season on FM13 with Tottenham and play a 4231 formation
BAE, Vertonghen, Kaboul, Walker
Parker (BMW/D), Huddlestone (DLP/S)
Nem (W/A), Sugurdsson (AM/S), Bale (IF/A)
Damiao (CF/A)

Last season I had Defoe as a Poacher and Sigurdsson having an AR of 7.2
This season I have Damiao, AR of 7.5, as a CF and Sigurdsson in the same role with an AR of 6

What do I need to change to make him effective again without reducing the freedom and performance of Damiao?

Thanks in advance
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How many games have you played mate?

Have you set training to teamwork or anything that might help them gel or bond or whatever you want to call it
I have played 6 games so far and training is between tactics and def. positioning
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you need to give them time for each other to get used to each others playing style. and if you bought damiao from brazil then itll take time for him to get used to the prem. some players click it off instantly while with others it takes a lot longer.
Usually start of new season it's best to put training on team cohesion until season starts properly to give the players time to get used to each other playing in friendlies