Dantheman244 Taking On The Pentagon Challenge


May 25, 2012
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Taking On The Pentagon Challenge

As the title says. I will be taking on the famous Pentagon Challenge. All I have to do is win all five champions leagues around the world, but starting unemployed and having Sunday league experience. I will update every 10 games or when something important happens.

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16th League Position

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Good luck with this, my attempt went south very quickly. Colorado have a good base if you can get it right transfer wise.
now i have finished the first season, i think this challenge might not take to long hopefully :s
First Season

Here is my profile and you can see i am unemployed and have Sunday league experience:
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And almost straight away I got a job offer from Colorado, so it looks like i will start in the USA. But they are in last and we are half way through the season so no way can i get a good finish this year:
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I have finished the season with a good run of form, and finishing in 16th. Next season I will make my target a Champions League spot as the team is good enough but the previous manager wasn't that good.

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Second Season

Colorado have decided that I am the manager to take the team forward by offering a new contract. So looks like North America will be the first challenge.

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The first 10 games of the league have gone better than expected. I haven't even lost a single game yet.
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And this form has put us quite high in the league standings.
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I just hope the rest of my matches are like this. Then i will be in the champions league!​