Jan 23, 2011
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So far enjoying life as Darlington Manager 2 seasons in and already won BSP plus FA Trophy and then Div 2 with a very impressive 105 points,I'm not going to lie but i'm going to struggle big time in Div 1 as my wage budget limit is 33k which will be a slight problem but hey ho it will be fun there any way to make the board make a " fan day " as ive not had any for 2 seasons and my average gate is only 3500 odd which is about 13% of what my ground holds ????
Getting out of League 1 is extremely hard. The BSP and League 2 are really easy to get out of but it gets relitavely harder after that.

Get your key players on 2 or 3 year contracts. Don't let your wage budget spiral out of control either. Play it safe, avoid relegation then build on from there.

I got Darlington to the NPower Championship in 7 seasons. Only got players on 1 year deals. It became a huge problem at the end of the season. Players asking much much more than what I could give them. Only had to keep a few then sign a brand new squad. Got relegated for npower Championship then struggled bad in League 1
I would try and get a lot of loans in and Get in first with the free-bies
Your won the FA cup and have a stadium with a capacity of 30 000 in the third tier?
Your won the FA cup and have a stadium with a capacity of 30 000 in the third tier?

FA Trophy is a lower league club only available to club in BSP or below.

Darlington have a 25k all seater stadium.
it would be a good stadium if we could fill it on a regular basis, but not that many regular Darlington Fans, as darlnigton can seasl promotion in any league and failed multiple times.

P.S I know it says I support Newcastle because I was born there, but I live in Darlington
JustNEZ- Not True. We got promoted from the Conference First time of Asking under Brian Little.

Darlington will never be able to fill the whole stadium, Its Complicated but there's a restriction on how much the maximum attendance will be.

For the people who don't know about Darlington- A Safe Cracking thug bought the club in and around the year 2000 and invested a huge amount of money. Trying to sign Premier League players(E.G, Tino Asprilla), which was never going to happen. He built a 25,000 all seater stadium when at the time we were getting sub crowds of 2000. He claimed he would steal fans from Newcastle and Sunderland. Saying Darlington will be in the Premier League.

The club spiralled into 20 million debt in 2004.Causing us to go into Administration. The Debt got cleared and a new owner came in. George Houghton, Then the club went into Administration again in 2009. We were in it for several month's.Later we got another owner, Raj Singh. He shares to stadium 50/50 with George Houghton. Darlington are now on a sound financial footing and sitting Mid-Table in the BSP with several games in hand.
Darlo, I know exactly what Darlo is about, it is my hometown ;), also know some of the ex-players, and my uncle worked at George Reynolds factory :)

Good choice of team, a challenge to see how far you can get with them, never managed them for a while.
I would:

Sigh freebies
Do not rely too much on loans
Get all your players on 2 year contracts, as you'll never know if they'll be good enough after promotion.
I mean recently in the past 5 years we'v come close but just couldn't seal the deal. where abuts in darlo were you born Stu?

Darlington is a great town and the stadium is taht it costs too much too keep all 4 stands open so the North Stand i think it is, is shut and not open to public.

I played at the Stadium when I was younger as our team played rivals and it was played at the Arena, scored aswell :D
haha i live in darlo aswell, been to a few games, really not up to much but with all this jazz about we might go to wembley we could bring in some more support hopefully, were not even allowed to fill our stadium anyway 25k seats only allowed to fill 10k cause of parking and stuff :/ nice one george
This is why I find low leagues so enjoyable. The stories behind the clubs are just fantastic
Salisbury lost to them in the FA Trophy on saturday 2-1..

Was so disappointing..
Aye, beat Fleetwood 4-0 and beat Cambridge 1-0 on Saturday.

Up the mighty Quakers.
basically carrying on with my original post im now in 2019 and 5 promotions in 6 seasons and i kid you not i'm in the Premiership and my first season i finished 11th....then 2018 i finished 8th and got into Europe as all the cups including Europe were won by English clubs...will stick up some screen shots when i get home....But still my average attendances is still only 62% ok i'm making alot of money as i don't have high wages but ive never had a sellout ground even against the big boys.....basically what i'm saying is the game gets easier as you get more regens !!!!!