Apr 14, 2013
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I'm hoping someone can give me some advice with the editor regarding CA/PA changes:

If I raise a players CA/PA, does his attributes increase automatically?

I noticed after I raised/lowered the CA/PA on a few players the attributes seem to have changed slightly on their own. However, when I change the attributes myself, this is not shown in the new game.
For example, Suarez' CA was raised from 164 to 168 and his PA is 178, I also changed his finishing to 16 and dribbling to 16, yet when I start a new game his finishing and dribbling are both still 15, any idea why?
His finishing was previously increased from 11 to 15 and these changes were recognized in game...

Will the finishing increase on it's own as the player gets closer to reaching his PA?

Thanks in advance!
I tried to make a superplayer once...I think it has something to do with th PA, as the CA means he hasn't reached his potential ability yet. This is the only answer I can come up with..
Why don't you try to make his CA about 178 and his PA about 180 just to see if his attributes are close to the mark.
Each attribute uses up a certain amount of a players PA, which is registered as his CA.
The amount each attribute uses depends on what attribute it is and IIRC the position of that player.

Increasing a players CA in the editor will allow the game to "rebalance" his attributes by increasing one or more of them depending on the increase in his CA. This rebalancing can go into any of his available attributes that are within the CA increase range.
Mental take up the least, there are also some free attribute that can increase/decreased without having an affect on CA. Technical then follow, with role specific ones taking up more than ones that aren't needed. Physicals then take up the most, which is why you often find high potential regens that are all physical and not much of anything else.

The best way I find of balancing out personal changes with the games self balancing is to change one or two unneeded attributes to 0, the game will then auto fill those with the available CA from your changes.
Cheers for the help. I realised as I upped the CA his attributes increased accordingly, which makes sense.

The problem was I set his CA too high so his attributes displayed in the editor where slightly lower than in game.