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Database help


Nov 10, 2010
I am currently running a database with English leagues down to level 12. I want to do the following:

Firstly, Change the FA cup to a British FA Cup including all English league and non league teams, all scottlish league teams, top two divisions from Welsh leagues, top two divisions from northern irish leagues and top two divisions from irish league.

Secondly, I want to create a new competition in addition to all existing as follows:

World Club Club - The top leagues of all countries in the world will be put in a random knockout draw similar to the FA cup but more pretigious
I am struggling as I understand you need to access the XML file ot change number of teams in a cup comp. I don't know how I do this. Also, I can add leagues of teams to a comp but does this automatically sort the number of teams in each round by seeding or would I need to calculate this manually. Lastly, I am concerned with start/finish dates of the comps and matchday - I don't want this to clash with other comps running, but don't know how to solve this.

Any help would be appreciated.