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Database: People's FA Revolt after Valiants are kicked out of League

Mar 29, 2009
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Port Vale kicked out of Football League after match fixing controversy.
It was revealed yesterday, 16th June 2009, that the Port Vale match fixing court case had been concluded, resulting in the Valiants being banished from English Football. Despite widespread protest against the decision accross the country, the football league decided to go ahead with the decision.

Fan's Group 'The People's FA' Vow to boycott Football League
After last weeks protests against Port Vale's banishment from the Football League, one of the leading protest groups 'The People's FA' have vowed to boycott the football league in their millions. Leader of The People's FA, World Famous Businessman and founder of SkyTV Rupert Murdoch said in a video statement to SkySportsNews yesterday, 'The way Port Vale were treated was disgusting. There was no solid proof of any match fixing on their behalf but the Football League still decided to go through with their decision to pull them out of their setup. I have already suspended all links with the Football League until further notice and hope that our millions of supporters follow suit in leaving The Football League completely in the dark. I am willing to buy out the current Football League Board if they made a statement leaving a possible price I would be paying. I will not see English Football die before my eyes.'

Football League viewing figures reach an all time low as feud with The People's FA goes on.
The Football League have refused to comment on the subject.

Football League accept Murdoch bid of £270mill
Rupert Murdoch's bid of £270million has been accepted by Football League Board members. No members of Murdoch's consortium, nor the current Football League Board have given a statement regarding the bid.

New Football League Chairman Rupert Murdoch restructures the Football League from top to bottom.
New FL Chairman Rupert Murdoch has revealed the new structure for the npower Football League.He has stated that there will be Three Divisions below the Premier League - Each with two sub divisions. Below that there will be a further 3 divisions, a a division named 'Conference Premier', then the 'Conference Divisions A and B' both with 12 members, and then the new 'Basement Division' the 7th tier of the football league containing 4 sub divisions with 20 teams each, with no relegation places.
Murdoch dubbed this as 'The New Era for English Football'

How the structure works: http://rapidshare.com/files/446565642/englandrestructure.txt

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Jun 13, 2009
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Bit different to your previous stuff, I like, may give it a try soon. :)