Database still 11.2.0 not 11.2.1 despite installing new patch

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Oct 20, 2009
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Hi All, I downloaded the 11.2.1 patch and ran it by double clicking, but when I try to start a new game, the only database it lets me select is the 11.2.0 update. How do I get the 11.2.1 database? I saw on another post that you put it in the DB folder but I dont understand, the patch is a .exe file - how will putting the .exe file in the db folder help? If that comment was meant to mean the files the .exe patch extracts then i dont get it either - i) why doesnt the patch do that automatically and ii) assuming for some stupid reason it didnt, where did it extract the 11.2.1 database file?
11.2.1 is not a database update, it is just a hotfix.
Simply put, the latest database is in fact 11.2 as the 11.2.1 did not contain any database changes.

And as for the .exe, you it really doesn't matter where you put it, you only need to run it. It'll find all the files by itself. In order to see if you have the 11.2.1 patch, check the Game Statues screen. If after version it says 12.1.1 everything's in order.
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