Dave Gorman


Jun 3, 2010
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After seeing Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure on TV a while ago, I discovered this brilliantly funny man. I then saw his America Unchained, where he attempted to travel from the West coast of America to the East coast giving money only to independant businesses.

Now I have almost finished his book Are You Dave Gorman?, where he tries to meet 54 other people named Dave Gorman, written with Danny Wallace. And I just think all of his work I have seen or read so far has been brilliant, and am considering getting his stand-up DVD.

So, have you seen any of his stuff?
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Seen some of his stuff, but read it mainly. He also has a radio series called Genious which isnt bad.

Googlewhack adventure and Are You Dave Gorman were good reads.

Take a look at the books Danny has done by himself - Yes Man (the book that the Jim Carey film was based on), Friends Like These and Join Me. Similar writing style as Dave and always funny
Listen to the Dave Gorman podcast, it's so funny, there's a new one tonight...
David Gorman's Genius was good, but only cos he had guests like Russell Howard and Jason Manford