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Sep 15, 2005
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Didn't know where abouts to post this, as he is in European leagues, but moving to rest of world :D, here will do....


David Beckham will leave Real Madrid and join Major League Soccer side LA Galaxy at the end of the season.
The 31-year-old former England captain will sign a five-year deal, reportedly worth £128m.

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Beckham's Real Career - in Pictures


David Beckham is to leave Real Madrid at the end of the season and sign a five-year deal with Major League Soccer's Los Angeles Galaxy.

The former England captain is to quit Madrid when his contract runs out in June after agreeing a deal worth £128million.<o:p>

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<o:p>Galaxy owner backs Becks</o:p>

<o:p>Becks ready for new challenge.</o:p>


wow...still think he cuda made it with someone like Spurs..maybe...quite surprised in footballing terms as this is him sayin im past it and cant play at the top any more.

As for the money...absolutely ridiculous, **** knows where an American club would get that from...apparently its 80p a second :eek:

Will be a boost for the MLS though
Gutted he has decided not to return to England but to be honest i dont think he is going there for football, He is away there to boost his image in America and try and make more money from his other **** like aftershave and all that..he is prob going to try get into movies aswell. I would have liked to see him at Spurs or Newcaslte or someone though
I do agree with the comments he could of made it at smaller clubs in England, but to be honest throughout the whole thing about his next contract and where he would go, as soon as there was a sniff of interest from the MLS i knew that would be where he would go.

Most of the money he is getting is because unlike at Real, he will keep all money gained from his image rights i believe.

And if that 80p a second = £45 a minute, that is what i heard ajw. :|
yeah somethin absurd like that!

apparently he has said he wants to help football over there, and increase its populairty amongst kids...how about you play for free then yeah?! although he does have an academy over there...imagine the media fuss over him and victoria...good lord...poor kids
how can he say its not about money when hes earning 492,000 a week?!?

when theres people in this world starving and in poverty a man who is already a multi-millionare pickin up nearly half a mill a week is sick

he doesnt need that amount of cash and if he was on 100k a week which is also way too much and gave 400k a week to charity everyone would be happy

sick man , used to respect him but this has made me lose a lot of respect
You are aware he probably makes close to that already if you take all his advertyising crapinto account
that wage includes a percentage of gate receipts and club merchadise that Beckham will obviously help sell at the bucket load. It is ridculous amounts of money and time i think taht the whole of football put an end to the ridiculous wages players are earning these days.

Players no longer have the same passion, as regardless of the result they are still taking home a huge salray.
I may be wrong here but didnt Beckham think he was still good enough for England? If so wouldnt the best move have been to move back to England and prove it? Or anywhere else in Europe? He's going to prove nothing in the States.

Thats why this just smacks of money. Thats the only thing hes going for, although Im only stating the obvious there.
Best thing to do is to think...what would you do?...

Bench warming at Real, 100k approx a week in Eng or elsewhere, or 400k+ a week in the US?....

I know which one i would take :)
Yeah, i'd sell out for that much a week aswell.
Will be a boost for the MLS though

Yeh hopefully this time a big name will have an effect on the popularity of the sport in America. Unlike when Pele, Best and the rest of the big names went over.
Soon Edgar Davids may be going over, joining FC Dallas.
Yeh hopefully this time a big name will have an effect on the popularity of the sport in America. Unlike when Pele, Best and the rest of the big names went over.

But they werent big names in America thats the thing. Who says Beckham is? The popularity of 'soccer' players in the U.S. pales in comparison to the likes of baseball and football stars. Its possible that a high percentage of Americans have never even heard of Beckham.
Yeh I suppose they were unknowns back then but now with the interweb and what not I'm sure a lot of American will recognise Beckham, even if they don't know what exactly he does :D
i think more of them know who she is rather than he.
nah Beckhams masive in USA as well, hes the metrosexual icon of the world and the americans are obsessed with metros
I agree with you who have said hes going there for the money, which he is, he just wants to boost his image etc. The next 3-4 generations of Beckhams will be sorted for life with that money he'll be getting.