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Nov 12, 2010
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Hello guys,

I've just started a game with Tottenham. Something unexpected occured to me. I saw David Bentley in the team. He plays best as MR/AMR, The tactic I created for the team did not included such places in the field. I play 4-1-2-1-2 with no AMR/R or MR/L. Although I didn't wanted to give up on him and sell, so I asked him to learn New Position - MC. After just one game, he learned that position to Accomplished and scores very much. In that first game on MC i played him as Box to Box, but in the second game, as an MC - playmaker. He is one 3 players I like most in this game. I'll post you some screenshots with him. By the way, the tactic I just created seems to be fantastic for Spurs, but I'm only in the start of the season. If the tactic checks out through the entire season, I will upload it here. Thanks for reading this, and feedback will be welcomed. Cheers (H)
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