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Jan 20, 2011
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hey guys i was just wondering if any one can give me some help, i want to sign the player david luiz as i think he is a quality player but when i go to search for him on the search bar "david luiz" it finds nobody.
I even looked in the benficas squad and he was not there either so is his name spelt in a different way or what ?

i have the latest update by the way
Yes , like TheRealMourinho says.. Have you loaded Portugal?
Tbh, regardless David Luiz should be viewable. I've got just Germany loaded and David Luiz is on mine.
this seems to be a perinnial problem...

1) Load Portugal league as playable
2) Select Large Database
3) Sign someone else

he would normally be available even without the Portugal league loaded! he is one of Benfica's main players...
what do you mean by loaded portugal ?

and like the other guy sed he shud still be visible if i search him but says no results found
1) when you start a new game, make sure you select Portugal as a playable league (self explanatory)
2) dont use Player search (you either spelling his name wrong or something) go Directly to the Benfica squad and look for him that way! Major Clubs - Europe - Select Benfica
Im only using a medium database and don't have Portugal loaded either and he is in my game.
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