Dec 25, 2009
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Has anyone bought him ? I'm just looking to buy a decent CB so any advice on who (if you dont recommend Luiz) then that would be grateful too !! My budget is 20 mill, they have already negotiated 10 mill but I think I'd be able get him for 8 :)
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Definitely sign Kara, he is cheap and becomes one of the best centre backs in the game. much cheaper than david luiz, who is also good
Ima take a guess after I've just searched him and say he plays for Rosenborg ?!
Just saying that in the summer transfer window he was connected to City, but Benfica wanted more than the 30M they were offering... Yeah, I know, well played hmm? --'
Ahh..he might have transferred, check his history, on he starts at Tromsø
Yes, he's good, im in my fourth season with Benfica and he has been excellent in all of them .
Karlloz just added a screenshot at the top of the thread

Sorry, didnt saw it.

For me he is a great player in real life, hard-working and never goes down without a fight. I found odd the fact that, depsite is great season last year, he didnt improved that much in this year's fm. Cant tell you if he gets a top player in tha game, just my real life experience of seeing him play
I've just sent out a scout report on Sahko and already his attributes are better than Luiz the only difference is Luiz has better throwing attributes but nevermind so Ima deffinetly buy either one or the other come the summer cause Ferdinand will be 32/33 and Vidic 31/32 with only Vertonghen and Evans and Smalling available at the back... Thanks for the heads up guys appreciated :)