Feb 6, 2009
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Name: Davide Astori
Club: Cagliari/Ac Milan (Co-Ownership)
D.O.B: 07/01/1987
Nationality: Italian
Position: Central Defender

Tackling, marking, heading, jumping, strength, anticiaption, fitness, stamina

none as a defender, maybe a little in Bravery

Description: Centre Back
Personality: Fairly Ambitious

Suggested Roles:

Central Defender
- Cover/Defend


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He's a great defender, incidentally I was just playing against Cagliari 5 minutes ago, he disrupted everything, and managed to injure Ibrahimovic for a short spell :(

I think his aggression is his main weakness, with such high aggression, he's prone to being sent off or suspended.

But otherwise, a magnificent player.
Bought him previously on my Newcastle save as he was unwanted by Arsenal. A solid defender alongside Steven Taylor (H)
Wow this guy's really something. Looks like a great defender.

How much could you buy him for at the start Raikan?
not sure Mjt, I never bought him, just found him :p I would think around 2 million as AC Milan picked him up for 1.3 :wub:
i always look out for your threads on players Raikan.....class defender
shot dudes, yeah, also take a look at Sebastian Jung - Frankfurt (great young German defender) made a thread oh him too, but the latest updates have made him a tad better, after him in my Freiburg save at the moment...
I'm looking for a new CB. Might just pick him up tonight!
yes he was, I offered Milan nothing more than 50%, they accepted, I had to offer Cagliari twice the amount :)
I think I'll buy him back to Milan when I start a new game with them... IRL Milan fans want Allegri and Baldie to buy him back asap.