Feb 23, 2012
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Leeds United are one of the biggest clubs in English football. However, their fall from grace in 2004 is well documented and their plight since then has been a story of owners coming and going.

The current owner, Massimo Cellino, is possibly the most controversial. Seeming to hire managers lacking in credentials and firing them almost as quick, the club is still unstable. The fans are upset and are demanding at nearly every home game for "Cellino Out".

The fans have had enough...
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...and so, City of Leeds was born!

Fans and business owners alike have pulled together to create a new club that is run properly. Nike (a past kit sponsor for Leeds United) and Jet2.com have provided their support for the project.

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Founded in 2016, the club is starting from the ground up.

A new stadium has been built at Roundhay Park in Leeds.
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Local manager and Leeds United fan, Carl Mortimer, has been appointed the manager of City of Leeds and is tasked with overseeing the project.

The first press conference was a tough one and the questions were centered around the new club and the link with Leeds United...
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