Days to gain Spanish nationality????


Oct 9, 2010
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This might be a bug or it might be because I'm using a lot of databases (didn't adjust anything involving nationalization though, just some league rules and stuff), but in my save there are two different amounts of time for gaining Spanish nationality. For some players, it's 730. For others, it's 3650. It's totally random, and isn't influenced by nationality, time spent there, or date arrived. Anyone have any idea why?
It depends upon which country does the player come from... For example, a player from Argentina will have to wait 730 days to get Spanish nationality, but someone from France will need 3650 days to gain Spanish nationality.
because a player from france is considered european so he would have to wait longer init, the french player already holds a European passport.
so non euro's are 2 years? That's odd, faster than Belgium?
thats good though because if the spanish league u can only have 3 no eu players :)
In the game if you're Portuguese, it only takes this right?