May 31, 2009
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I'm currently Everton, after a pretty solid season until recently i was 4th just a couple of points behind the teams in front with FOUR games in hand, everything was looking so bright but then suddenly...........loss after loss after loss and i just can't stop it, i have gotten a few long term injuries but honestly i don't think they have anything to do with it. I have tried a couple of different tactics and changed line up a few times but nothing.

Any help would be appreciated thanks
Changing your tactics is probably the worst thing you can do at this point. Tweak them yes, but don't change them completely. Perhaps your team talks are to blame?
i haven't really changed tactics.......but like swapped a handful of things every 5 games or so but im struggling for form
lol, chill out guys, it's called banter.
make sure you don't dig into them too much when they lose, cos otherwise obviously they lose their confidence.. just have to use press-conferences to take the pressure off them and as soon as you get a win, milk it as much as possible so their confidence goes up, praise the ones who played well etc, and hopefully that should get you back on the road to recovery.
Could be a determination/composure problem. If its low, players react badly to losing games and morale plummets. What about sideline shouts? try using them. And if you've trained the squad to more than one formation (match prep), try using them as long as they've adapted to them
When you start playing the team for the second time, their AI will change to counter your tactics you used last time..
Drop your underperforming players and give your fringe players a game.
Making dramatic changes to your tactics will never help.
Is it around Jan time? Are you using Short passing? Try switching to Direct passing instead.
erm....ok ill try those things....recently i won 2 back to back then lots 1, i think i might be improving