Jul 25, 2009
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Hey guys.

I'm currently playing as Real Madrid, so obviously Casillas is my beast of a keeper. Unfortunately though, I am struggling to find a backup GK who is content to be just that. I try to play the backup in a couple of the easier league games and some cup games, but they never seem to be content, even though there squad status is "backup to the first team". At the moment I have Turnbull, and I also have Adan out on loan at the moment.

I'm not after anyone amazing (although a youth who could step up and take over Casillas in a couple of years would be ideal). Budget wise I don't have anything left at the moment, but I have a few players I will probably offload in January, so I am just looking at names at the moment.

Thank you.
Consigli? Steele? Koval?(for when Casillas retires)? Ospina? What year are you in? is there any decent young regens you can take a chance on and play them in those games so they develop well and tutored by Casillas?
Luca Lezzerini - Fiorentina looks good by the age of 21.
I'm only in my third season (14/15), I haven't come across any reasonable regens yet, but I'll scout out the players you guys have already mentioned. Cheers.