Jan 8, 2013
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Some advice required from my fellow lower league managers!

I have read some stories which I love on here where people have taken their teams from the BSS/BSN to the prem! I would be happy to break into league 2 from the bottom! I just cant do it, and was wondering what, if any of you other lower league managers do to get yourself up? Is there a standard tactic that brings some decent success in particular? I have tried many scenarios and downloaded a fair few tactics but nothing has really worked. The best I got was taking Staines from the BSS to the BSP, once in the Blue square prem I started by winning 10 out the first 12 games and then fell apart and fell into mid table slums for 2 seasons!

I play the classic mode which I love! Racked up a fair few hours playing league1 and prem but really want to make the dream come true for a tiny team getting up!

It's difficult pal took me ages! I played a standard 4-4-2 short passing always closing down! But it all depends on what players you got and there positions
Anything lower than League 2, I tend to play direct. Due to players quality just simply not being good enough for a passing game.
Slower pace tactics work better as well, as your team doesn't have the staff/facilities for a long hard season. So Slow tempo, direct football. The old fashioned way!
I decided to start a new save with Solihull Moors! I like having a small ground and trying to build the ground up through the leagues. First season with Solihull I was expected to finish 18th I think and ended up second 2 points behind Altricham who won it, totally gutted, and low and behold lost in the play off system 8-3 to...cant remember who. Had a pretty indifferent start to the season and it took until Christmas to sort my team out, ended up finishing 4th and going into the play offs again this time losing out to Halfiax, pure headache being caused! Just in my pre season for the 3rd season now hoping to put the dissapoint behind me and get out this **** hole Blue square north!

Struggled with a consistant tactic and kept finding myself chopping and changing but then settled on, as Mike Bassett once said....4 - 4 - f*****g 2, and seemed to work well.

Lets see who I can bring in now!