Jun 10, 2011
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Looking for a DLP for under 6million James McCarthy rejected me for fulham and i need a good gk under 5million :) no stupid wages
Andrea Poli is amazing , i bought him in1st season at Southampton for 6 mil. average rating :7.50. Also for gk pos, i think Sergio Romero is around 6 mil . Or try Yann Sommer from Basel , amazing reflexes and one on one.GL!
sommer looks back up i need 1st choice... Put enquiry in for Poli not for sale! Albin Ekdal any good?
Poli doesn't sign a new contract after the second season (I think). How about Morgan Schneiderlin?
Schneiderlin is like 10million? any experience with Albin Ekdal??
Ekdal is a great DLP. I'd also suggest looking at Yttegard Jenssen and Rasmus Elm.
GK's maybe Sinan Bolat or Sergio Asenjo.
Sunderland 1st season selling people who aint good enough on like 40k a week!
just signed Ekdal 2,8million ....Sinat Bolat is out injuryd for 6months...looking at Ospina...
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just agreeed to sign Neto for 3mil and 18k a week what a bargain...his WP got turned down why? he plays in italy