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Default Playmakers

Jan 19, 2010
I have been reading up a lot on tactics in FM14 because i have so far struggled with not having tick boxes and sliders to determine how i play. The key piece of information i have been longing for is that of the default playmaker. Its not just your most forwardly positioned midfielder or most attack minded midfielder that is selected by default, it is actually determined by role/duty.

Default Playmakers are selected by role in this order...
Trequartista, Deep-Lying Playmaker, Advanced Playmaker.

Simplified, Here are your golden rules to abide by.
If you want to play your Default Playmaker as a...

Trequartista (Midfielder), it does not allow a Trequartista striker.
Trequartista (Striker), it does not allow any Default Playmaker in your midfield.
Advanced Playmaker, it does not allow a Deep-Lying Playmaker/Trequartista in rest or your team.
Deep-Lying Playmaker, it does not allow a Trequartista in the rest of your team.

Priority Table (Defend/Support/Attack)
Trequartista (Striker)
Trequartista (Midfielder)
Deep-Lying Playmaker Defend
Deep-Lying Playmaker Support
Advanced Playmaker Support
Advanced Playmaker Attack

It is to my understanding you cannot override this in any way and in order to have a Default Playmaker in your team you must play either a Treq, DLP or AVP. If you want a Winger as your Default Playmaker then you must play him as an Advanced Playmaker because neither of the other roles are available and the rest of your team must not include a Trequartista (Midfield or Striker) or a Deep-Lying Playmaker in the rest of your team.

I hope this helps explain the new FM14 Default Playmaker system, I think this is going to cure a lot of tactical problems many people have had. With this prioritization in mind you can manage your team safe in the knowledge if you abide by these simple golden rules you can play through whatever player you want.
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David M Caine

Dec 13, 2012
Found this thread very useful im managing Arsenal playing 4411 with Wilshere playing as a trequestia behind my striker he is my main playmaker.

Just beat Bayern Munich to reach the 2017 champions league final then beat man u away in the league 3-0.
Jan 19, 2010
I can see what people with deep playmakers and registas are on about but it depends what you want to do using spurs as an example ... If I want eriksen as default and I wanted dembele deep lying then I would set eriksen trequartista so it's creative or set eriksen to advanced playmaker so dembele is the default when I need to kill a game. Using a regista is not a default playmaker role as I understand so my advice would be use 1 of the other roles in your midfield in order to have a default although saying that I have been using a 442 with a bbm and bwm because I havnt got many creative players and not having a default is helping my side.

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