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Feb 12, 2013
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I was wondering, does anyone actually use just the default tactics and formations with any success? You know, creating a new tactic with the tactic creator, using one of the default formations, setting team tactics using the TC and then not fiddling around with any team and individual player settings once created?

Many tactics here seem to be either custom formations, individual player instructions changed, or a combination of both.

I guess what I am getting at is just how effective are the game's own settings? If SI has spent all this effort over a long period of time creating the match engine etc, then wouldn't they also have spent as much effort making the default settings effective - at least to a degree? Thinking about it I guess they must be fairly effective as not everyone will create custom tactics (or know about sites such as this) and SI must produce a game that has broad appeal - if SI produced a game that had "default" tactics that didn't work very well it would quickly lose mass appeal wouldn't it?

I know many people here (myself included) love creating or installing custom built tactics with every little tweak tweaked, I just started thinking about default settings and how effective (or not) they may be.
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