Feb 10, 2010
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In my Napoli squad, there are a few first team defenders with poor marking, but I am not sure how it is best to play them. Would it be effective if they werent marking tightly or did not man-mark? How should I play them?
play zonal markink if they got good positions ;) or buy some good defenders
Alright thanks& yeah they do have good positioning. I'm currently looking at Rami but his team will not accept my offers.
i buy hime for 6.5 mil € ;) i play with napoli 16 games 15 win 1 draw ;)
They're such a good team, always loved playing with them. I got up to the 2nd Europa League leg before they did group stages, then the game decided to crash, then my computer crashed so I switched it off from the switch. Loaded it all back up and now the game is corrupt. FML.
Zonal marking, or just replace them... You will need at least one centre back that is good at marking.