Defending and Goalkeeping are a joke

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Dec 5, 2022
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I think this is potentially the worst FM ever made for sheer hilarity of the defensive and goalkeeping errors.

I think the game actually runs pretty well overall, but almost every match is ruined by the fact that my keeper (and it is only my keeper in the games I watch, i.e my games) cannot save anything despite ridiculously good stats. 17 handling, 16 reflexes, 16 concentration? Nah mate, won't save anything. I literally have to score 3 or 4 goals every game just to get a draw or a win. My keeper let's in aboit 60-70% of the shots he faces, often straight at hit from distance.

It is further compounded by the fact that my defence have zero clue on hiw to defend. Full backs run away from their position in order to open up space for opposing wingers. Centre backs stand dead still to allow room for strikers to shoot.

PMIs make it worse. If you ask a defender to tight marking someone they do the complete opposite. It seems like a pointless feature.

The other big issue in this game is the extremely large amount of passing errors. This doesn't only happen to me though, as many of my goals come AI loose pass. I dread to think how bad the error rate is outside of the EPL, because it happens multiple times a game at the moment.

I also have to sit and watch as every other game my team run into each other from kick off leading to a goal or great chance for the opposition.

A disgrace of a game.
I initially thought FM24 was an upgrade on FM23.

Im slowl realising its every bit the **** game FM23 was and it gets boring reeeeeeeeaaaal fast.
Lol that's what I thought with all the marketing - it's actually a significant downgrade in every single aspect, apart from watching the football on the pitch and the additional roles.