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May 19, 2010
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I'm currently playing with man utd in 2012.

i score a lot of goals and employ a 4-4-2 attacking formation.
i don't have screenshots ....sorry, now i have played fm manager for a long time and i try to always use and make my own tactics,one thing i have always found is i score plenty of goals,but ialso concede, and it doesn't matter what defense i have.

I have an awesome young defender with top attributes, i use vidic, rafael, and fabio, all wonderkids,they have been playing for a couple years together so they have a good understanding,

i have tried every defensive tactic and i have tried them for a few months without success, i do okay as in whichever type of defense i use seems to honestly have similar results, concede the same goals, defenders have ratings of 7-7.20 on average and hardly ever higher.

I just wanted to know does someone know a defense mindset or any advice for me, and i am not an fm idiot so please no responses like its my team talks, etc if all my other outfield players are getting high ratings but i concede on average a goal a game then it must be defensively something i ma doing wrong.

Any help would be great ..thanks