Dec 12, 2010
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I am half through my first season and I'm sitting on 2nd place just two points behind Real. Now I want to further strength my squad. I need a defensive midfielder (currently Strandberg and Albelda) and I could get Tachtsidis for 2 mio. Are there any better ones? Then I need another centre back to replace Ricardo Costa. I wanted to choose between Lisandro Lopez (13mio) and Otamendi (15-20mio). Don't know who to choose? I currently have Rami, Ruiz, Okore, Strandberg and Costa as CBs. I have 15 mio to spend, but I am open to use monthly installments
DM - There's none better all things considered than Mate Simao
cb: Dont bother with Lopez/Otamendi yet. They are too expensive for Valencia in first season. I would buy ANDERSON MARTINS (around 4 mil) and Eric Sviatchenko.

Two more options: Alex Milosevic/ Douglas (Twente)
Gabiy Mudingayi would be a great addition for the next 2 years until you can raise more money to invest in a great DM!

Bellusci is a great defender and pretty cheap as well mate, develops still