Feb 12, 2013
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I play a 352 formation, this incorporates two defensive wingers. at the moment I use johnson and Enrique who are naturally made for this job. unfortunately they are getting tired as nobody can properly cover for them, I've got razvan rat on loan and Henderson but I need better solutions, does anyone know any good back up defensive wingers or ones who could rival Enrique or johnson?
siqueira, fuchs, alex sandro, guardado, filipe for left.

danilo, schelotto, corchia, walker, isla for right.

have a look at marcio azevedo, he's amazing going forward on fifa, i scouted him at arsenal on fm, looked good, couldn't get a work permit.
Guliano from Dnipro and Lucas Digne from Lille do a job there. Gareth Bale would be ideal if he was available.
I second Schelotto from Inter. The kids a beast.

If you want to keep it English, Nathaniel Clyne from Southampton can be retrained and does really well. As a plus, he's young and pacy with room for development... he's probably relatively cheap too (in comparison to some options)