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Aug 24, 2008
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The wait is almost over. The Football Manager 2009 demo for the PC and MAC is set for release later this week from the early hours of Sunday 2nd November.

There will be two different versions of the demo available for PC and MAC, a ‘strawberry’ and ‘vanilla’ version, with both providing half a season of gameplay. The saved games from the demo will be compatible with the full release of the game.

The strawberry version of the demo includes player pictures and club badges, with quickstarts for the world’s biggest leagues, giving players a chance to try out their skills in leagues from multiple countries. This version of the demo will also include all language translations for the game. The strawberry demo will be available to download from midnight on Sunday 2nd November from Steam (PC only) and via www.sigames.com or www.footballmanager.com as a torrent or direct download, with bandwidth for the direct downloaded provided by Gameshadow.

The vanilla version of the demo is English language only, and features the English and Scottish leagues, with no player photos or club badges in order to reduce the size of the download. The vanilla demo is being released exclusively from midnight on Sunday 2nd November via the News Of The World website.

Another thing we’ve been excited about showing to you is this year’s trailer. It’s live from 5pm on the SI YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/sigames. The video is all about the things a manager loves about being a manager, why he does what he does. We’re very proud of it and we hope you like it. Look out for a shorter version on TV in some countries soon!

You can keep up to date with all things Football Manager related by tuning in to the Football Manager Podcast available for free from the iTunes store and by reading the Sports Interactive HMV Blog. Shortlist.com each day this week are also offering up exclusive Football Manager 2009 content including previously unannounced game features and more video footage of the new 3D match engine.

That’s all for this week folks. Don’t forget to get your free copy of the demo this weekend and finally, happy gaming!
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