Jan 7, 2012
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going to start a new save with deportivo as seems like a good challenge no money and not not the best team but should have a good reputation my aim will be to bring back the glory days of late 90s early 2000s just wanna no if anyone else has managed them or if their is a guide (would be prepared to do one depending how well i go) as the whole squad is bit week and not sure where i should start. any help plz guys
I play with them.About team,i play 4-2-3-1(2 dmc,2 wingers,1 adv.playmaker,and poacher).From default squad you can use:
GK - Aranzubia
DR- Laureano(on this position Manuel Pablo is good backup player)
DL- Evaldo(play great for one seasone on loan)
DC- Marchena is your first option(all others players on this position is not good).
DMC- Alex Sandro is just machine.On this position you can use both Alex Bergantinos or Aguilar.
AMC- Valeron is amazing regardless of his age(advanced playmaker),for cover you have Juan Dominguez(i think that is from Deportivo youth system-keep him).
AMRL- Pizzi,Salomao,Bruno Gama.
FC- Rikki(poacher)-regardless of his year in his first season he made ​​27 goals and was third scorer of the league.

Your main objective is to bring the player on a DC and AMRL position.
I recommend you J.Mensah(DC-free),R.Drenthe(AML-free),S.Strandberg(Rosenborg-DC/DMC fo 1 milion Euro),Sergi Gomez(DC-Barcelona-160.000 euros)
On half seasone you can sing for free V.Weisse(AMR),Mate Simao(DMC).Then you must look on player who play on DRL position.You can bring them in second seasone.
Playing with them is great challenge.
I hope I helped you a bit about some things.
that great thanks i to have decidied same formation and almost identical team to u just going try a few signings now
I had started a Deportivo save this year, but I am now looking to start again with them. I played a 4-1-2-2-1 with Dominguez and Aguilar as CM's and Pizzi and Salomao as AMR/L. It's quite a challenge as you have some high earner who you can't get rid of like Valeron (legend) and Bodipo. I think Pizzi will be your main star. Unfortunately a lot of players are leaving next season and the finances don't look very good. But the prospect of bringing them back to glory is worth the challenge
For some reason Deportivo were my favourite Spanish team growing up! I'm definitely inspired to try and bring them back to glory sometime soon.