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Super Vestegnen
Jan 30, 2010
Today it was announced that the unknown Danish manager Victor Koppel
Would take charge over the english Club Derby County. This came as a chock to everyone in and arund the Club. The supporters were furious with this announcement, but a minority of them were ready to give this inexperienced rookie a shot.

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Victor Koppel had this to say shortly after the announcement:
“I’m very pleased to take charge of this club, with so many supporters and a history they.. We can be proud of. I know the supporters are furious with my the installment of me as manager, and I understand them. I would be furious if some unknown bloke would be hired as Brøndby manager, but I’m convinced that I can win they loyalty, and prove that I’m the man for the job. Even though it been very long, since Derby were in the English topflight, I’m going to try my best to achieve this in 5 or so years. Its my goal to secure Derby County there third EPL title.

Derby County: An overview
Derby County is a professional football club based in Derby, England. The club nicknamed “The Rams” were at its competitive peak in the 1970 where they won to EPL titles. The clubs ground is named “Pride Park” and holds up to 33.579 attendants.

Founded: 1884
Stadium: Pride Park
Capacity: 33579


Expectations (1. Season)
I’ve reviewed all our players and finances to make sure that we would be up to challenge for promotion this season. Even though its going to be extremely difficult with the likes of W.B.A, Reading, Watford and so on in the league, I’m sure that with the right tactics and some good signings we will be able to achieve promotion. I would like to get to the sixth round of the FA cup, but my main focus will be the promotion battle.

The squad:
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Derby has a very interesting squad with a couple of really interesting players that seem to have a bright future. Steven Davis and especially wonderkid Miles Addision to be exact. The defence seem to be quite allright in ability and depth even though I would like to improve it in the near future. Again Miles Addision will be the key man in the back, along with players such as Dean Leacock and James McEveley.
The Midfield is by my oppinion our strongest in the formation. Robbie Savage, Kris Commons and Steven Davis are all top players, that will help us in our fight for promotion. Gary Teale and Lee Croft are fine players too.
Our weakest place on the pith is our attack. Rob Hulse is a great player and I have great confidence in this guy, but we haven’t got any other attackers. Dickov is 36 years old and slow like ****, and therefore I don’t intend to use him. I’ll be looking to bring in players to make our attack the deadliest in the league.


Here is a screenshot of my signings this season by September the first:
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Top Signings:

Ebi Smolarek:
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I’ve brought this guy in, because I thought our attack was quite poor and a little slim to say the least. I brought him in to be my number 1 goalscorer, playing as a poacher side by side with either Lokvenc or Hulse. I’m convinced he will add some creativity to my attack, with his attacking attributes. His experience will be a plus too.

Sol Campbell:
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The experienced defender was up for grabs on a free transfer, and I decided to ****** him up in front of Tottenham and some other clubs from my league and the EPL. He is considered by me to become the leader in our defence this season, but I’m aware that he can only last two or maybe if we are very lucky three years, with the fact that he is 34 years of age. He will be a threat on corners too.

Other signings:

Nacer Barazite:
Ever since I played fm10 for the time, I was impressed with this player. He is very versatile and can play anywhere on the midfield. Even though he is probably not gonna be in my starting eleven every time, I’m convinced that he will add some depth to my squad.

Vratislav Lokvenc:
Another experienced oldtimer I brought in from the free transfer market. Again he seems to be fit for fight for a season or two, and with his height of 197cm he’s gonna be a deadly threat to the opposition.

Marco Verratti:
He has always been a must buy for me, since I realised how gifted this young Italian is. I’m convinced that he will be the offensive fulcrum and leader of my team in a season or two. Actually I’ve just loved this guys since I had him the first time.

Kiko Femenia:
The gifted Spanish right back was for some weird reason transfer listed at his club Hercules, and I decided to ****** him up right away because I know he is able to become a great right back later on. Him, Addison and Verratti will be the first brick to building a new Derby for the years to come. A team that will challenge the might in not just England, but also Europe. (yes I’m a bit of a dreamer, but I think its realistic)

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I’ve decided to play a 4-4-2 diamond with a Defensive midfielder set to “defend” allowing my OMC “Advanced playmaker” to be as expressive as possible, because he’s going to be the offensive fulcrum. I’ve always preferred the forward duo with a pacey poacher type and a strong and tall target man. In this case a Smolarek - Lokvenc/Hulse partnership. I’m playing short passes, with the mentality set to “Control” because I think we have the passing ability and technicality to play possession football and thereby control the games.


August and September update:

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We started out with a quite easy came home against the Peterborough which I expected to win. But we didn’t and by that result I thought this was going
To be quite a stressfull and hard season. Next match were away vs. the lower league side Bury, I match I expected to win in big numbers. But we did not fulfil my wishes, and won 1-0 on a goal by Lee Croft. With the 2 shaky result in the back of our minds, we went in to play Scunthorpe away, a game we won 2-0 on a goal by Kris Commons and an own goal. Next game was also away, this time we faced Blackpool in a thrilling contest where we came out on top - 1-0 by Ebi Smolarek. By this, we had know won 2 out of 3 games an achieved 7 point. This was quite satisfying, but to stay realistic we had faced 3 relegation favourites.

And we were know up to face another of the smaller sides in the league, Plymouth at home. We controlled this game from the first to the last whistle, and showed that
We can play possessive and attacking football - Steven Davies brought us op ahead, and Ebi cemented the victory with two goals in the second half. 3 days after, we faced Reading in the Carling Cup and lost - unfortunately. The it was time to face our biggest rivals, Nottingham Forest away. A game we lost 2-5, and by then the fans started to get angry. But I was up to prove them wrong.

We won the next 3 league games in a row, and managed to place us self first in the league. We won 2-1 home against Sheffield United and 1-0 against Barnsley at Pride Park, and travelled to a tough away fixture vs. Crystal Palace who we beat 1-0 on a penalty goal by Ebi Smolarek. Then it was time to face Bristol City at Pride Park, a boring game that ended 0-0. The last game of the September was the one I had looked forward to the most. Away vs. Cardiff - a game that seemed very difficult on the paper. But we won the 3-1, and that was by far our best result so far. Smolarek banged 2 in, and Sol Campbell cemented the win with a late goal.

Highlighted fixtures:

Derby County v. Plymouth
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Cardiff v. Derby County
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Player of the month’s (August and September)
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The player of the month's is by far Ebi Smolarek. The polish forward has been immense and has lived perfectly up to my expectations. He has scored 10 goals in 10 appearances in the league. I've played him as a poacher, and my god he is certaintly one.

League Table
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Allright, so this was my first update. I hope some of you enjoyed it and any comments, criticism, suggestions etc. will be very appreciated. October/November update will hit the forum Sunday.

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The trequartista
Oct 4, 2005
Looks like a good start. Looks strange seeing a fully fit Derby County squad, not trying to take anything away from what you've done but 10.2 looks like better first seasons possibilties than 10.3 and some better free agents to aquire.

Nice job though. ;)

Spud Ando

Apr 26, 2009
Good luck m8.. i done a derby game once. they r a wicked club to be... (y) hope you do well ill be following


Super Vestegnen
Jan 30, 2010
thanks guys, im glad you are following :)

Looks like a good start. Looks strange seeing a fully fit Derby County squad, not trying to take anything away from what you've done but 10.2 looks like better first seasons possibilties than 10.3 and some better free agents to aquire.

Nice job though. ;)
thank you very much. and yes, i almost had a fully fit squad, but Chris Porten and Giles Barnes are on longterm injuries :/


Super Vestegnen
Jan 30, 2010
October/November Update


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Derby County v. Sheffield Wednesday
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This was a game I expected us to win. And we did. Sheff Wed came out quite strong and controlled the game for the first 30 minutes, but after a simple tactical change we began to control matters. A well playing Steven Davis brought us in front after 52 minutes, when he banged in a cross from Barazite. 6 minutes later, we came ahead 2-0 when Sol Campbell came highest on a corner only to head the ball in the goal. After 68 Man Utd Loanee Corry Evans scored a screamer for Sheff Wed, reducing our lead to 1 goal. But after 79 minutes Ebi Smolarek was sent free behind the Wed defence and scored to 3-1 with a cheeky lob. Another victory, and if we can keep the good form we might be able to push for promotion.

Derby MoM: Steven Davies [8.2]


Leicester City v. Derby County
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I had been looking forward to this game ever since we lost 2-5 to Nottingham Forest. I knew its was going to be a tough challenge, away vs. one of our arch rivals. It started out very equally on the pitch, but I was disappointed to see Rob Hulse miss another 100% chance after 2 minutes. After a very tense 10 minutes, the game started to loosen up and a couple of minutes later Kris Commons brought us ahead with a 30yard screamer. After that early goal we lost our distinctive control over the game and Leicester started 30minutes of power play upon our goal. But they didn’t net the ball until the 55 minute when Gallagher escaped his marker and outplaced Bywater. Then we started to attack again, and after 75 minutes Kiko Femenia took a 50yard rate on the right flank and sent in a low cross to Smolarek, who scored - yet again. Know I was quite sure we were going to beat our rivals, but 1 minute in to stoppage time Leicester equalised with a goal from Gradel. Very disappointing.

Derby MoM: Kris Commons [7.5]


Middlesbrough v. Derby County
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If our last away game vs. Leicester could be categorized as difficult, this would break the scale. Middlesbrough is by far one of the best sides in the league, and a team I admire. I went in to this match with no expectations what so ever, but with a small glimpse of hope for a draw, a maybe even a small win. But despite the tough odds we controlled the game, and Miles Addison brought the rams on winning course after 14 minutes when he headed in a corner from Kris Commons. After this early goal I was sure that it would be very tough to hold on to this lead, but after 34 minutes Kris Commons took matters in to his own hands and after he dribbled 2 of the M’brough defenders he outplaced the goalkeeper. And it wouldnt be long before we extended our lead by Nacer Barazite. The tall Dutchman scored from the edge of the area with a curled shot. Definitely a goal to remember. The rest of the game was quite equal, but we came out on top with a convincing 3-0 victory. WHAT A MATCH!

Derby MoM: Kris Commons [8.3]


Derby County v. Q.P.R.
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Home against new money team Q.P.R. - a game I expected us to dominate and win. And that was exactly what we succeeded to do. After 18 minutes Ebi Smolarek was sent deep and with his pace and composure he managed to bring us ahead 1-0.After 36 minutes Ebi Smolarek took advantage of a bad backpass to the goalkeeper by Q.P.R. and passed the ball to Lokvenc who could almost pass it into the net, 2-0. The rest of the game was quite boring, Q.P.R. didn’t manage to create many chances and we took the speed out of the game by passing it and passing it. In the stoppage time Sol Campbell cemented our lead with another headgoal from a corner, this time it was Italian wizzkid Verratti with the assist.

Derby MoM: Sol Campbell [8.2]


Ipswich v. Derby County
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Our unbeaten streak of 9 matches ended in Ipswich with a excessive 0-4 lose. We started out quite badly, and after their first by Lee Martin after 24 minutes we didn’t succeed to find our feet, and we were - to be honest - the next best team all match long. Iban Cuadrado gave them a 2-0 lead after 32 minutes when he executed a penalty Dean Leacock has to answer for. In the second half Amr Zaki cemented their win with two goals after 47 and 63 minutes. This was a very disappointing lose for us, but to be realistic we couldn’t keep on winning forever. This had to come. The difficult task will be to keep our excellent form after this morally demolishing lose. Come on the rams!

Derby MoM: Miles Addision [6.8]


Derby v. Coventry
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This was a very important fixture, as for the fact that Coventry were 3rd in the league we were 1st. I knew this was going to be tough and uncompromising, but I knew we could pull off a victory. We started of excellent, and created a big amount of chances, but we didn’t get ahead because of the fact that Lokvenc cant score, its sad. We dominated every aspect of the game, and I was counting the second until we would get ahead. And after 72 minutes Kris Commons was sent storming down the flank and he banged in a hard cross that Barazite could almost run into the net, 1-0. Now I was sure, that we were going to win this one, because I couldn’t even remember one Coventry attack in this game. But 7 minutes later, they equalised by Joseph Mills who tricked our poor defender Leacock and banged the ball in the net. 1-1, a unfair - but on the paper, useful result.

Derby MoM: Nacer Barazite [7.8]

Swansea v. Derby County
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Away vs. Swansea. Just the sound of it, makes my hair stand up - yea, alright maybe not, but this is going to be a tough challenge. Hopefully we can ****** an important victory to cement our position in the top of the league. This was from the first whistle an incredibly equal match, where both sides had many chances to put themselves in the lead. But luckily we were the most effective in a game, that will never go over in football history as a well played match - in Wales it was muscle and more muscle. After 34minutes Nacer Barazite brought us ahead with an unbelievably well struck screamer from almost 40 yards. After our goal, Swansea started to put an immense pressure on us, and sometimes it resembled a power play upon our penalty area. Luckily we defended very bravely, and we came out of this match with both feet on the ground. 1-0 away vs. Swansea - a very good result in my opinion.


Derby County v. Reading
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A game that I knew could become an obstacle, but fortunately Kris Commons brought us ahead after 12 minutes on a long-range free kick. After the goal they started to push us down, and after 25 minutes they equalised on a longshot by Gunnarsson. Shortly after the goal, we brought ourself ahead again from a goal by Shaun Barker, after some messy football in their penalty area. And yes! After 32 minutes we are ahead 3-1 by a typical target man goal by Rob Hulse, Croft serves a perfect cross in front of the strong target man who pushed off the defenders and banged the ball in the back of the net. But then, after 3-2 they equalised on an own goal from McEverly, **** sake. And exactly as I expected - after 43 minutes they equalised, making the score 3-3, but what the ****. I didn’t except it would be by an own goal from Bywater. Second half started out quite nervy, as if both sides were worried about loosing this match. But after 67 minutes, Hulse brought us ahead 4-3, another assist by Croft. Now I decided to go defensive to defend this lead. The next 20 minutes will be crucial: And fortunately the defensive tactic payed off, we won 4-3 in a crazy match. YES!


An overall review

So far it has been an absolutely fantastic season, at the time we are placed number 1 in the table, and our medieprediction were 15th. I knew that we had the players to challenge the top6, but I had never even thought that we would lead the league after 17 games, its actually unbelievable. I heavily doubt that we can keep this unbeatable form, for the rest of our season - but I hope this excellent start will make it possible for us to achieve promotion. The likes of Ebi Smolarek, Sol Campbell and Nacer Barazite has been absolute hits in the league, and they are probably the number 1 reason, why we have done so well. Ebi Smolarek just keeps banging them in, but he’s not just the goalscorer. He has also been a vital part of our control play and with his flair and creativity he sometimes acts a playmaker when we are leading. Sol Campbell has been a rock in the defence, him and Addison are probably one of the best partnerships in the league, unfortunately Sol is 35 years old and this will probably be his last season where he can perform this good, so I am going to find a “new” and younger Sol for next season, any suggestions? Nacer Barazite has been a vital part of our attack, and he has also surprised me with a couple of screamers this season, his 8 assists speaks for there self and proofs that he might be the best number 10 in the league, unfortunately he‘s only on a season loan so hopefully Marco Verratti can step up and take his role next season. Other players that has been on great form so far is Kris Commons and Miles Addison. Vratislav Lokvenc has on the other hand, been an absolute fail buy - he hasn’t performed in anyway scoring only 1 goal and not helping the team in any way, except from small glimpses showing that he once, was a great player.

The next month is going to be extremely difficult with games against West Bromwich, Newcastle, Watford and Preston. This is when we separate the boys from the men, and proof to every critical englishmen that we can and will play in the EPL next season!

Top Players so far:

Ebi Smolarek 7.26
View attachment 50151

Sol Campbell 7.18
View attachment 50153

Miles Addison 7.18
View attachment 50149

Kris Commons 7.11
View attachment 50150

Nacer Barazite 7.03
View attachment 50152

Luis Guilherme, Botafogo, 0£ (Set to join 1.7/2010)
View attachment 50166

Coca-Cola Championship overview

League Table:
View attachment 50162

League Playerratings
View attachment 50155

League Teamratings
View attachment 50154

Any comment, criticism, suggestions etc. is someone i would love! :) Hope you all enjoy this as much as i do while writing and playing this Derby game.


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Jan 30, 2010
next update will hit the forum monday :)

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From now on i will post updated in the following form:

Preseason update - Midseason Update - Post season update, this will allow me to play more and instead of 6 updates pr. season i will make 3 which will be more comprehensive. Next update monday :)
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