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Derby Second Season


Oct 27, 2009
Going into my first season in the prem with Derby. Identified ST, LB, CB & GK as places that need to be improved.
Have about £20m to spend and about £200k p/w in wages spare
Lined up the current deals
Okore-£4.5m £25K p/w
Lisandro Lopez-£7.25m £33k p/w
Michael Keane-£6m £45k p/w
for CB
Andrew Robertson-£9m+£4m in various incentives £57k p/w.

Roberston deal would kind of tie my hands. I could keep Forsyth for another season or look elsewhere.

ST is probably a need. Not sure if Martin can do it in the Prem. Dont really have any players in consideration.

Also had Mikkel Duelund on loan from Atletico Madrid in the first season with a £3m clause that Im considering pulling the trigger on. Would want £34k p/w

Only actual signing I made first season was Andrija Zivkovic.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Would rather sign from England to make it a bit more challenging but dont have to


Aug 10, 2016
For the striker position I would advise: Kennedy from Chelsea (on loan), he's a great player who also can preform as attacker for the right/left wing.

For CB I prefer Jorge from Tenerife, he has a lot of potential and is a great player already. I got him at Sassuolo and he's playing every match and preforming very well.

For RB/LF I don't know to be honest, you could try Eliseu from Porto as Left Back. You can pick him up for a low fee but i'm not sure about his wages.

Since this is your first year in Premier League, I would advise to get good players on loan (Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United) and keep up in Premier League untill your second year. Then u got a better transferbudget and can buy more players.