Derek Riordan


Sep 22, 2010
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could be the next player to cross the old firm Divide

Apparently Rangers look to get him on a cut price deal with his contract about to expire!,19528,12876_6704603,00.html

I wouldnt mind riordan think him and Jelly could work well as riordan likes to drop off more and that will let the big croat do more penalty box work!

Walter hasn't made too many bad signings since coming back and we need a striker so could do a job and he can hit free kicks! something we desperatly need cause steve davies score 1 in every 200 free kicks!
He won't join. He'll be waiting for a move south in the summer.
Think of it this way anyway Liverpool want 50million for Torres they then sign Adam we get 20% say probably 10million that's 2million so we can probably afford him.

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though I think we should sign that matavz guy that people were talking about
dont want him,rather have velicka back

Velicka is a injury prone reject, Even Aberdeen terminated his loan XD and we put him back out to some other team lol. I'd take Riordan no problem but with Healy signing on loan until the end of the season I can't see it happening tbh. I wouldn'y have any problems as he never done much for celtic and I wanted him to come to us in the first place. Healy and Jelavic up front for the game against hearts on wednesday hopefully!