Desperately need info cleared up for Champ Italia 93 and CM2


Feb 6, 2010
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Hi Guys

I have some questions i desperately need answering as they have been bugging me for nearly 17 years.

1. On Champ Italia 93 on the Amiga, my firend and I saw Paolo Rossi come up on the 'free list'. Now Rossi had been retired since 1987, yet his history was accurate, as was his age. Now in all the years we played it, he never appeared again. Did Champ Italia 93 have hidden players that only came up, say once every 100 plays or something?

2. On Champ 2 the first one when it had the editor, my friend and i put Shilton, Lineker, O'Leary, etc on (with correct dob's). Now when we loaded up they actually had all there proper histories attached (which we hadnt put on). How is this possible? did CM2 have hidden player data in there that when you added these players there proper histories were added. What i dont get though is that i can understand Shilton etc as he was in the older champs so i can udnertsand if they just sued old databases. What i dont understand is Lineker as he wasnt in any versions of champ?

3. I played champ 93'94 english for 26 seasons on the Amiga and right at the end a message box came up with "congratulations" partially crashed out though, the game then crashed. Did the game on the Amiga have a maximum lifespan??

Can anyone help as this ahs been bugging me and my mate for nearly 17 years.
Not a clue as I was only born in 1993, but it does seem very strange.
I can answer question 3 only and confirm that the game did only allow you to play a certain amount of years.
1. Player histories are in a certain format, they kept retired players histories - Beckenbauer, Gerd Muller...etc. CM1 did not have DOBs, Paulo Rossi must have been a random generated player, with no dob but a matching name and history in history file it picked and matched them together.

2. Same as above. These player histories were already in the history file so when you recreated the players they matched up the histories as done it myself on 9798 for recreating Cantona & Lineker.

3 Heard there was a limited life in CM1 & alo CM2 series. Removed by CM3 series as you can holiday for many centuries.