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DestructionDerby: A tactic guide for youth and top teams to lead the world

Apr 2, 2013
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Simple Mode

Plug N Play

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4-2-3-1 Deep


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Indvidual Training is in the advanced mode below

Ground/Pitch Size
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Opposition Instructions

Team Talks
Click on Ask AsManager to take the overall pep talk right before start
At start
Calm: Enjoy
Aggressive: if favored

2ndhalf talks
If leading with 1+ goal then: Calm/Cautious: I'm very/happy with your performance
If lose or draw then: Aggressive

End of match
winning: Passionate
Lose or draw: aggressive

Works with Low/Top Teams
Keep players morale up and don't bring them to field while they are exhausted
Better to have a full squad of 22 players as in the guide below so you can rest your main squad in busy days
Best to have inverted Inside forwards if possible

Download Tactic

Advanced Mode


A narrow High press and creativity tactic with 3 Inside Forwards aims to get the max effort out of the team lines to massive attack and create chances scoring goals as much as possible closing down high the Sweeper Keeper will get forward to help the defenders and launch long range killer balls defenders will close the area and deflect any dangerous attempt Attacking FullBacks will try to cross high to the attackers and arrive late to the area Defensive middfielders will close the gaps in midfield with defensive/offensive duties Inside forwards will dribble behind the opponent defending line trying to score and creat chances to the Poacher who will be ready to recieve any ball in front of the box
This tactic is mainly made for an underdog team "Derby" the Npower Championship 2nd league in England mostly consists of youth players at the age of 16-17 and works like charm with any other low/top team as you will see in the guide below
Main weakness of this tactic is the opponent good wingers with killer crossings but this is usually absorbed by the good defense instructions along with PPM and overwhelmed by the high amount of goals scored
The ME of FM13 suddenly decide to make your team lose or get injured for 1-3 months in nonsense basis so I sometime replay matches without changing anything to get a complete different result losing will turn to victory you can always save the game right before you team submit to start the next match


No players are signed I use the main squad along with reserved/Youth players to fill empty positions usually 4-5 star players in recommendation to create a 22 player squad splitted into 2 teams and get rid of any other players who are not needed anymore training any player into his new position if he can fit there
1st things to do right at the start of the game is to plug the tactic and set all General/Match/Individual Training along with staff responsibilities and talk to the board to get upgrades as this priority Junior Coaching/Youth Reqruitment Network/Training and youth facilities and level/Coaches allowed/Salaries and so on check oftenly to get as much upgrades


Try to get a squad of 22 good players out of the club without buying if possible including youth hot prospects and split them to 2 teams 1 is main 2 is backup and get them into match fitness asap with some frindly matches during pre season so they can get a good progress in training

Derby Squad for example
View attachment 361861View attachment 361862
Get rid of any other player who is not need by selling them and so and only register those 22 when you've asked for that before the season starts
View attachment 361863

You sure gonna need to play your team2 in busy days like this one
View attachment 361865

If you stick to playing with your first team and you didn't really need your team 2 then set them to be available for reserved matches for 45 minutes
View attachment 361864
So they can keep in fitness and training progress

Since you're at start of pre season pick a captain for main team and a vice captain for the 2nd team even if they get unhappy about it within 2 winning frindly matches this anger gonna be history
like in Derby Squad Captains
View attachment 361866
Pick the best in influence from both teams

Talk to the mad player who lost captaincy aswell he usually accept it when you tell him he's professional and need to carry on
View attachment 361867

Set your 2 Poachers to take penalties as a bonus to their annual goal records
as they rarely happen to miss even if they are low in stat


Pre Season
View attachment 361827

View attachment 361828

These scheduals can work best with this tactic
While you can select whats best for your team for example if you made some signing then you can go for Team Cohesion and so on
Here's some information about the increase in attributes that comes out of training

Fitness: Work Rate Acceleration Agility Balance Jumping Pace NaturalFitness Stamina Strength
Tactics: Anticipation Composure Concentration Decision TeamWork
Ball Control: Dribbling FirstTouch Heading Technique Flair
Defending: Marking Tackling Positioning
Attacking: Crossing Finishing LongShots Passing Creativity OffTheBall
Team Cohesion: General TeamBlend Understanding among players TeamWork TeamPerformance
Balanced: No changes

Individual Training

For this tactic it's important to set the player indv training to the same position he playsin the tactic for example if you dont have an Inside Forward but you have a winger then set his indv training to Inside forward as you see in this image:
View attachment 361839
This can be done by right click on player name and select the training as shown above
Execute this with all your 22 players

Focus Intensity

Best to Set it to High as shown below
View attachment 361840
Can be done by clicking on player name > Training
For players 30+ in age it's better to set it to light since they usually drop in progress

Position Training

For example if you don't have an AML and you played an MC in this position while he appears in yellow/red/lightgreen circle it's time to train him to his new position until he gets used to it "green" then you can remove this training schedule as shown here
View attachment 361841

Player Preffered Move

Player Preffered move (PPM) is a sensitive training that might has a positive/negative affect on players
each PPM require certain stat in attribution
You can get a PPM to a player by clicking his name > Training > New Player move
Request it from ur staff
Suggestions that will improve players performance within this tactic

Likes To Round keeper
Requires good dribbling compsure technique anticipation flair
Attempts Overhead Kicks
Requires excellent technique finishing flair anticipation
Likes to beat offside trap
Requires good anticipation concentration off the ball
Runs with ball through center
Requires good dribbling acceleration flair pace
Knocks Ball Past Opponent
Requires good decision acceleration pace

Inside Forwards
Cuts Inside
Requires good dribbling creativity anticipation decision
Knocks ball past opponent
Gets forward whenever possible
Requires good anticipation decision off the ball
Plays One Two
Requires good first touch anticipation creativety off the ball

Definsive midfielders
Tries Killer Balls Often
Requires good passing technique creativity teamwork
Arrives Late in Opposition Area
Requires good anticipation concentration creativity decision

Likes to Switch Ball to Other Flank
Requires good passing technique creativity teamwork
Run With Ball Down Right/Left
Requires good dribbling acceleration pace

Ball Playing defender
Tries Long Range Passes
Requires good passing technique creativity teamwork
Likes to Switch Ball to Other Flank

Limited Defender
Does Not Dive In to Tackles
Requires poor defensive stats

These are some useful PPMs theres always a place for your imagination to add what fits your player stats and your style of playing specially when you like to ignore about numbers
or you can just listen to your staff suggestions about them through the backroom advice

Check on main indvidual training schedule occasionaly to see who is progressing well "GreenArrow" or who is dropping down "RedArrow" try to reduse intensity to those who drop down or feeling unhappy from here
View attachment 361843


Get the best Director of Football and Head of Youth Development your club can afford and hand them some responsibilities if you are not willing to pay more time to sign the excellent staff by your self
Best to get high coaches of 4-5 stars if possible

Director of Football for Low Teams

Alan Hill
View attachment 361857

He usually can sign the best staff your club can afford so hand him the duties and terminate those low coaches

Director of Football for Top Teams

Pantaleo Corvinho
View attachment 361860

One of the best you can get

Club Upgrades

View attachment 361871
Priority depends on your style if you are planning for long term playing with the club then go for Junior Coaching> Youth Network> Training and youth facilities
If your going for a short term with some new player contracting then go for transfer pudget and so.

Season Expectations

View attachment 361869
To the max so you can benifit from the management

Team Win Bonus

View attachment 361870
Again to the Max since it gives a morale push to the players

Teams in Action


View attachment 361838

A wonderfull team with wonderkids and 5-4 stars youths whom expected to be world class later on with top training facilities and ambitious managers who will help on upgrades
Playing with almost a youth team and destroying larger rep teams is so amazing


View attachment 361861View attachment 361862


View attachment 361866

Penalty Takers

View attachment 361878

Training and all other instructions are set as the above details in Advanced Mode

1st season

On vacation nothing special but the good progress for all players in training
Done this after a previous test on a save won the league and promoted but got struggled at the next season in EPL

View attachment 362009

2nd Season

Won the double with outstanding records of goalscoring points and top players of the year
FA Cup - NpowerChampionship Winner Promoted to EPL
As 2 players passed their peaks and wanted to leave (Both from the backup team)
I did 2 signs for same level players LD-AMC only

Best Goals


Table & Matches

View attachment 361883View attachment 361884View attachment 361885

Player records of the season

View attachment 361889View attachment 361894View attachment 361896View attachment 361897

Match Overviews

View attachment 361899View attachment 361900View attachment 361901View attachment 361902View attachment 361903View attachment 361904View attachment 361905View attachment 361907View attachment 361908View attachment 361909View attachment 361910View attachment 361911View attachment 361912View attachment 361913View attachment 361914View attachment 361915View attachment 361916View attachment 361917View attachment 361919View attachment 361920

Match Stats
View attachment 361924View attachment 361925View attachment 361926View attachment 361927View attachment 361928View attachment 361929View attachment 361930View attachment 361931View attachment 361932View attachment 361933View attachment 361934View attachment 361935View attachment 361936View attachment 361937View attachment 361938View attachment 361939View attachment 361940View attachment 361941View attachment 361942View attachment 361943

3rd Season

Historic Fourth Trophy
FA Cup - COC - ECS - Euro Cup Winner
EPL Runner at 2nd place
No new player contracts
produced 5 star young prospects
Replayed some matches after non sense loss/injury and got a wining result without any change


View attachment 361960View attachment 361962

Table & Matches

View attachment 361957View attachment 361958View attachment 361959

Match overviews

View attachment 361965View attachment 361966View attachment 361967View attachment 361968View attachment 361969View attachment 361970View attachment 361971View attachment 361972View attachment 361973View attachment 361974View attachment 361975View attachment 361976View attachment 361977View attachment 361978

Match stats

View attachment 361979View attachment 361980View attachment 361981View attachment 361982View attachment 361983View attachment 361984View attachment 361985View attachment 361986View attachment 361987View attachment 361988View attachment 361989View attachment 361990View attachment 361991View attachment 361992

Hot prospect players Stats Before and after 3 seasons

View attachment 361997View attachment 361998
View attachment 361999View attachment 362000
View attachment 362001View attachment 362002
View attachment 362003View attachment 362004
View attachment 362005View attachment 362006
View attachment 362007View attachment 362008

Borussia Dortmund

View attachment 362012

Great team with very good players for this tactic although not a cooperative management
No signs/contracts at all


View attachment 362017View attachment 362018

1st Season

Fourth trophy winner
Super Cup - 1st Division - German Cup - Champions League

Best Goals


Table & Matches

View attachment 362019View attachment 362020View attachment 362021

Players records of the Season

View attachment 362022View attachment 362023

Match overviews

View attachment 362024View attachment 362026View attachment 362027View attachment 362028View attachment 362029View attachment 362030View attachment 362031View attachment 362032View attachment 362033View attachment 362034View attachment 362035View attachment 362036View attachment 362037View attachment 362038View attachment 362039View attachment 362040

Match Stats

View attachment 362041View attachment 362042View attachment 362043View attachment 362044View attachment 362045View attachment 362046View attachment 362047View attachment 362048View attachment 362049View attachment 362050View attachment 362051View attachment 362052View attachment 362053View attachment 362054View attachment 362055View attachment 362056

Forza Lazio

View attachment 362057
A tough team to manage with mostly old players and aggressive attitudes toward training and opponents
Playing in a slow league with an aggressive atmosphere causing players to get booked most of the time with many red cards to the defensive midfielders kept issuing warnings to them to calm down
but guess what
View attachment 362058


View attachment 362059View attachment 362060


View attachment 362061

1st Season

Won Treble edged a narrow Serie A victory from Juvi
Italian Cup - Serie A - Euro Cup Winner

Best Goals


Table & Matches

View attachment 362070View attachment 362071View attachment 362072

Match Overviews

View attachment 362073View attachment 362074View attachment 362075View attachment 362076View attachment 362077View attachment 362078View attachment 362079View attachment 362080View attachment 362081View attachment 362082View attachment 362083View attachment 362084View attachment 362085View attachment 362086View attachment 362087View attachment 362088View attachment 362089View attachment 362090

More Goals of this tactic

Oct 31, 2012
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Nice, a normal formation :) does it work with lower league teams ?
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Oct 4, 2011
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I'll give it a try but how often did you do this:

The ME of FM13 suddenly decide to make your team lose or get injured for 1-3 months in nonsense basis so I sometime replay matches without changing anything to get a complete different result losing will turn to victory you can always save the game right before you team submit to start the next match
I'm sure most tactics on Base can go unbeaten if reloaded every time you lose